Our Business Model

Making Lives Better Through Quality, Affordable Self-Care Products


Delivering Quality, Affordable Self-Care Products

We believes health solutions should be accessible, and consumers shouldn't have to choose between quality and cost. Our value proposition is to bring consumers high quality self-care solutions at an affordable price point.


Consumer Self-Care Americas: Self-Care Store Brand Leader

The Consumer Self-Care Americas (CSCA) segment develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes private label self-care products, including cough, cold, and allergy products, analgesics, gastrointestinal products, smoking cessation products, infant formula and food products.


Consumer Self-Care International: Well-known Brands Across Europe

The Consumer Self-Care International (CSCI) segment develops, manufactures, markets, and distributes well-known European self-care brands in the natural health and vitamins, cough, cold and allergy, smoking cessation, personal care and derma-therapeutics and lifestyle categories.

Unmatched Product Development & Supply Chain Expertise

That knowledge stimulates our innovation efforts, which are driven by some of the best research and development professionals are experts in the industry. Our manufacturing capabilities bring their work to life through thousands of product formulations and tens of thousands of SKUs to meet the specific demands of our customers and their consumers. This includes the ability to offer products in liquid, solid, or semi-solid form.

We embrace complexity and refine it to meet the unique needs of any consumer environment.