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Perrigo announces the fifth year of its “Quitting is Better” Campaign.

Perrigo Company plc to announce the fifth year of their “Quitting is Better” Campaign.

According to Angela Gusse, Perrigo’s Marketing Director for Healthy Lifestyles, Perrigo’s mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people in the areas where we operate. The American Cancer Society provides resources and products to help people in the U.S. improve their health and well-being by quitting tobacco for the fifth year in a row. We offer a wide variety of smoking cessation products to help people improve their health by giving up tobacco.

As a leading provider of quality, affordable self-care products, Raphe Pharmaceutique has joined Perrigo Company plc to announce the fifth year of their “Quitting is Better” Campaign in partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS).

Through its exclusive partnership with ACS, Perrigo is highlighting the advantages of its nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) smoking cessation products with a store brand category promotion available to the company’s U.S. customers. Perrigo is providing participating retailers with print and digital marketing materials, including on-package messaging, shelf signs, store displays, store circulars, and digital content to support online offers and loyalty programs as part of this collaboration.

Perrigo has been helping the American Cancer Society deliver tools and materials to people seeking information, help, and advice about quitting smoking for the last five years. ACS’s Great American Smokeout®is a nationwide event that occurs annually in November, where thousands of smokers take a significant first step toward improved health and reduced cancer risk. From January through January 2022, the ‘Quitting is Better’ campaign will advertise the American Cancer Society’s resources and support, along with Perrigo’s low-cost store-brand smoking-cessation products (available at participating retailers throughout the U.S.), in addition to helping smokers to quit for good.

According to Angela Gusse, Perrigo’s Marketing Director for the Healthy Lifestyles category, Perrigo’s mission is to promote the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. The American Cancer Society has partnered with Perrigo for the fifth year in a row to promote consumer health and wellbeing across the United States by providing crucial resources and goods to help them quit tobacco. Because we believe that we offer a trustworthy and inexpensive alternative to tobacco, we encourage people to enhance their health by quitting tobacco use in addition to our extensive line of smoking cessation goods.

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