No Pill Swallow Pain Relief

This is the Collection of pharmaceutical self-care products that provide maximum comfort and relief from muscular tension and pain. During R&D and batch production, you would have access to our GMP Pharmaceutical Software to view your batch record, submit changes you`d like to make or updates.

Diclofenac transderrmal patch box (2)
Diclofenac Sodium Lidocaine Cream & Transdermal Patch

24-HR Sustained Release Arthritis Transdermal Patches

95% of the human population experience arthritis pain and joint and other muscular pain sometime in their lifetime. Our topical pain relief transdermal patches are a relief from stomach bleeding associated with oral nonsteroidal pills; even after enteric coating, this acid still causes stomach bleeding after being digested. Provide relief from pill swallows and offer alternative pathways of joint pain relief. Our transdermal patch keeps people healthier, and compliance is higher with a once-a-day patch that delivers relief over 24 hours compared to topical cream offered by our competitors, which has to be applied every 4 hours to achieve comfort.

The addition of the 30-gram bonus cream with 1% Sodium diclofenac also has the advantage of two pain relief active ingredients (Sodium Diclofenac 1% & Lidocaine 5%) in one product as compared to our competitors with one of each active ingredient per formula.


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