Self-Care Private Label Leader

Here we address the needs of the healthcare system by improving patient outcomes, eliminating unnecessary costs by increasing product efficiency on treatments. We increased the value of our brands and custom manufactured brand by delivering products with unique properties that solve patients’ problems. We demonstrate the benefits with our treatments through clinical trials.

This approach enables us to establish a strong brand reputation with patients, physicians, and retailers. Each of the company’s brands we private label has its own identity, designed to match the relevant target group. We have been successful in building strong brands for physicians and healthcare companies We provide novel products for customized care.

Value that Empowers All

The FDA requires generic drugs to have the same active ingredients and efficacy as brand-name products. They also must meet the same quality standards for manufacturing and packaging as their costlier brand-name counterparts.

The difference between name brand and generic brand-name products is the price – consumers save billions of dollars each year by having the ability to purchase high-quality self-care products at a lower cost than the comparable national brand products. This is where we come in to support all businesses and consumers in building a plan for that works best for all interests.

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Meeting Consumers at their Point of Purchase

Consumer Self-Care Americas leadership position in a diversified portfolio of store brand and branded products helps Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories meet several consumer trends. Consumers continue to see the value of store brands in supporting their health and wellness, they have confidence in buying OTC medications to prevent and treat acute and chronic conditions. Store brand self-care is a major contributor to retailer`s profits.

Our products are sold under the company’s brands custom manufactured. We private label a large range of dermatological products for the effective management of acne, pigmentations, and hair loss. Our firm has more than 20 years of scientific and manufacturing expertise to provide customers worldwide with the highest quality drugs. We have 2 manufacturing sites in the country. We provide global regulatory support, technical expertise, and dependable delivery to customers in addition to providing global regulatory support.


The Magic of Store Brands

Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratorie's world-class supply chain network supports more than 400 private label product formulations manufactured as more than 7,300 stock-keeping units (SKUs) and sent to more than 130 U.S. customers.

Our expertise in mass customization enables us to take one SKU for the national brand and translate it into more than 470 unique SKUs. These SKUs are offered in multiple packaging and promotional configurations to meet retailer needs in a manner that drives higher customer profit margins and lower costs to consumers.