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The current products in the market are made with propylene glycol petrochemical and minoxidil as the only active ingredient. Proofs have shown that not all hair loss is caused by DHT hormones and discontinuing the use of minoxidil always leads to continued hair loss. Our hair loss formulations are fortified with other vitamins and minerals to supplement the lost nutrients and address other root causes of hair loss. Free of petrochemicals, so consumers can regrow their hair naturally and keep it.

Introducing new regimen to address all root causes of hair loss in women. Amino acid and multivitamin rich minoxidil anti-hair loss treatment serum, formulated for the treatment of various causes of hair loss in women. Our vegan-based products offer a natural solution for regrowing hair without the use of harmful chemicals, and without further loss of hair when a product is discontinued.

Pricing: $5.75 for 1-Month Supply/ $9.39 for 2-Month Supply.

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Covers severe cases of hair loss, and hormone related hair loss, Prevents environmental follicular oxidation, Folliculitis & Scalp Dermatitis Nondrying, hydrated alcohol, and aerosol free formulation with sustainable packaging. For young and older adults, with resistant testos-hormones, and thinning hair. Clean DHT inhibitors are fortified with natural ingredients and extracts.

Benefit of Pyrithione zinc in preventing UV hair damage and itchy relief, Minoxidil 5% with a proprietary blend of Acetyl Tyrosine, Panax Ginseng root extract, Arginine, Biotin, and Soy Protein. WERCS-UL OSHA certified, ensuring safety and quality.

Pricing: $5.75 for 1-Month Supply/ $9.39 for 2-Month Supply.

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This product is a definitive treatment for hair loss in older men who would not respond to traditional minoxidil solution and as a follow up for post-hair transplant hair loss surgery. Finding a suitable product to use as a follow up after hair transplant and for older men with long history of hair loss has been a challenging issue in the health care market industry. This product formula offers a long-term solution for transplanted hair to regrow in their new site and helps restore lost hair in older men.

Created to save thousands of dollars for those who could not afford transplant therapy. It contains a more potent DHT blocker 0.1% finasteride allowed percentage for cosmetic hair products with scalp healing copper peptide as follow-up after treatment.

Pricing: $7.39 for 1-Month Supply/ $12.39 for 2-Month Supply.

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Sun damage, acne, uneven tone, brown spots pigments, saggy skin with double chin line and premature aging affect confidence and appearance. Seeking an effective solution to restore skin health, evenness, and a youthful look is the solution this product offers.

The Collagen-Peptide-Panthenol Face Moisturizer, Pigment Acnes and Zits Clarifying Gel Serum offers the solution to most common skin care problem faced by men and women of all ages. An advanced skincare infusion effectively clarifies, corrects, and restores skin damaged by UV rays, premature aging pigments, acne, and breakouts. With powerful ingredients like micro-salicylic acid, ferulic acid, glutathione, and galactomyces yeast filtrate. This product serum provides a quick visibly smooth, soft skin free of wrinkles and freckles.

Pricing: $4.39 for 1-Month Supply.

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The Next Big Thing in Hair Restoration is RU58841 which contains mRNA and miRNA Proteins such as Cytokines and Growth factors for faster hair restoration and natural growth. Fortified with 0.1% Dutasteride is the most powerful DHT Blockers. Another Clinical Research Based Formula for Medical Practice. Formulated For the Board of Hair Restoration Surgery with Nanosized Small Membrane Vesicles.

These molecules are emerging bioactive substances involved in multiple biological and cellular activities of the hair cells and releases growth factors and cytokines that permeate the cell membrane and induce cell growth. Cb-03-01 & Clascoterone are nonsteroidal antiandrogens, both treatments are new research compounds for hair restoration, and more potent active agents compared to standard minoxidil.

Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin F2-analog, has proved a great success in the treatment of eyelash and scalp alopecia. Bimatoprost is a medication that has been shown to be effective in the treatment of glaucoma and other conditions of the eye. It is also approved by the FDA for the treatment of hypotrichosis, sparse or thinning eyelashes. In recent years, bimatoprost has been used off-label for the purpose of hair growth.

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AmWiner BOV packaging is a hygienic and reliable form of packaging technology with several advantages over conventional aerosol canister spray of foam packaging. The product constituents are placed separate from the base ingredients, upholding the product’s purity. This technology also protects the aerosol or aerofoam from oxidation, protects it from heat and secondary pollution. BOV’s introduction to aerosol canister packaging is a progressive innovation that outdoes its predecessors on arguably all fronts. As such, it suffices to say that it is here to stay, and soon, it will render conventional aerosol canisters obsolete.

One of the main aspects of BOV is the safety and environmental benefits. This is because no flammable propellants are needed, just environmentally friendly gases or your base product ingredients. The aluminum bags ensure that the formulation is hermetically sealed. This prevents contamination and oxidation of the active ingredients to the last pump, which also contributes to the durability of the products without preservatives.

Hygienically clean: Separated and Yet Together. The difference between conventional aerosol technology and AmWiner BOV system is that with the conventional variant the product and propellant are in the can together with no separation. With the BOV technology, the active ingredients and the product base are separated in the can. The active ingredient is contained in a separate flexible bag, which is connected to the valve, and the compressed gas and other base ingredients is in the remaining space between the bag and the side of the can. When the actuator nozzle is pressed, the pure product is dispensed together though separately on your palm.

AmWiner created Keratin micro bounce fibers differently from the traditional hair bundle fibers by incorporating hair loss treatment active ingredient microcrystalline Minoxidil Sulphate 0.1% to provide added benefit of speedy hair restoration and promote blood flow to the scalp. The sulfate ions create additional positively charged ions that lock the fibers to the hair strands with better adhesion to positively charged hair.

Keratin-Minoxidil Hair Building Fiber is micro-fiber made of 100% pure natural plant. The fiber is made from completely pure natural plant ingredients protein, same protein that makes the hair strands, with no preservative, scalp-friendly and colorfast, natural coarse look as real human hair. It is not just a hair thickening fiber, but a functional hair loss treatment fiber with 0.1% minoxidil powder to block DHT hormones while covering the bald area waiting on the hair to grow out naturally. So, you would cover the loss area in the meantime as your hair goes through the process of rebirth. The fiber has a camouflaging effect making your hair look fuller and thicker. Change your looks and regain confidence in just seconds.

Directions: After applying the Minoxidil foam or solution, follow up with the Keratin Minoxidil hair fiber and use the fiber holding spray to bond or securely lock the fibers in place. This prevents the fibers from coming off or being rubbed off till you intentionally wash your hair with shampoo.

The Dermal Roller is a 540 Titanium Micro dermal tool is a unique tool that drives the ingredients into the dermal skin to enhance and expedite the results of hair growth. Available in various needle sizes /0.25/0.3/0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm. Comes free with every wholesale distribution of Raphe Pharmaceutique hair loss treatment brand and as free inclusion to private label brands with a minimum quantity of 50,000 per line.

Derma rollers aid hair growth through micro needling. The tiny needles puncture the scalp and drive the active ingredients into the scalp or skin, stimulating increased collagen and elastin production and blood circulation to the hair follicles. This process enhances nutrient delivery and the absorption of topical treatments.

This small but mighty device, bristling with tiny needles, may look more intimidating than inviting. However, it holds the potential to stimulate hair regrowth and fight hair thinning in ways you may never have imagined.

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