Healthy Lifestyle Products

Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories healthy lifestyle portfolio, also referred to as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), includes the branded business NiQuitin and a private label proposition. Both portfolios have a diverse range of products including patches, lozenges and gums in different strengths, which aim to help consumers quit their smoking addiction for good.*

*Not all products sold in all countries. Visit product page for more information. 

"I’m so proud I’ve quit smoking for him."

NiQuitin Clear patch utilizes a unique Smart Control Technology, which allows for a continuous release of nicotine throughout 24 hours.

Healthy Lifestyle Products


A Business Model Built on Creating High-Quality Products

By combining global sourcing, supply chain mastery, and a forward-looking approach to self-care, we’re positioned to be the market leader in each region where we operate.