Oral Minoxidil Private Label Brands

A definitive guide to Oral Minoxidil Anti-Hair Loss

Minoxidil is a successful hair treatment, and it is applied on to scalp as a scalp tonic or foam. This is the preferred and first choice of Minoxidil treatment as topical Minoxidil products are well established for their safety and effectiveness. There are certain circumstances that Minoxidil can be taken orally as a tablet.

Developing Well-known Self-Care Brands Across Europe

We manufacture Modified release tablets with enteric coating for acidic pills. Each batch undergoes quality control testing for friability, hardness, disintegration, dissolution, melting point, and moisture testing prior to market distribution. Distributors would have access to our ERP QMS software to print product records and monitor production on view only module.

Meeting Consumers at their Point of Need

Consumer Self-Care International’s diversified portfolio of leading local brands and position Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories to meet several consumer trends:

•    Increasing demand for natural, pure, environmentally friendly offerings
•    Increasing desire for brands tailored to local preferences
•    Pharmacy increasingly the Point-of-Care vs. visits to the doctor
•    Expanding consumer confidence in buying self-care products online 

Dependable Brands Across a Multitude of Markets

Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratorie's  expansive commercial footprint in Europe enables us to offer some of the most well-known branded self-care products in the more than 30 markets we serve.