Tablet Processing Training Courses

We offer comprehensive pharmaceutical training courses for manufacturing solid dosage products and tablet processing training classes. A one-one individualized training classes for pharmaceutical interns, businesses, and industries. A two-day hands-on based training on these topics

  • Tablet Compression Principles, Tooling Inspection and, API and Excipient
  • Tablet Press Set-Up Assembly and Disassembly, Operation, and Cleaning 
  • Wet Granulation, Dry Granulation, and Direct Compression
  • Troubleshooting, Solving Common Defects, Monitoring Tableting Process
  • Parameters of Weight, Thickness, Hardness, Friability, and Disintegration

 Solid Dosage Manufacturing Process TrainingTableting, Encapsulation, Film Coating Technologies, and Granulation Technologies

A comprehensive solid dose training course for beginners and experts, imparting essential principles and concepts while enabling participants to understand equipment, processes, and powder manipulation techniques for tablet and capsule production across any facility. The program also provides hands-on experience, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of solid dose manufacturing.

In-Person Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training Courses in the Lab at Raphe Pharmaceutique

AmWiner offers a one-of-a-kind classroom lab experience, showcasing world-class pharmaceutical equipment in use at our pilot plant lab. Attendees participate in live demonstrations of manufacturing principles, enhancing their understanding of essential processes. Our hands-on approach goes beyond theoretical concepts, providing a unique opportunity to not only observe but also operate real pharmaceutical production machines, fostering a practical understanding of the processes involved.

Customized On-Site Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Training Courses at Your Facility

AmWiner brings expert-led pharmaceutical manufacturing education directly to your facility, tailoring courses to your team's specific needs and equipment. Our experienced instructors combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on demonstrations, utilizing your in-house machinery and practices for a comprehensive learning experience. Training at your facility fosters greater team collaboration in a familiar and convenient setting.


Promoting Equity

As a consumer self-care company, Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories serves diverse consumers. By ensuring our culture fosters, values and celebrates our differences in race, gender, experiences, ideas and more, we help colleagues bring their whole selves to work and cultivate insights that help us understand and better serve our diverse customers. Recent events have provided a very stark and painful reminder of what can happen when diversity and inclusion is not valued in our conversations, our actions and our communities. Our colleagues, consumers and communities need us to learn more about inequality and racism and how we can all do better.

Chemist holding and looking at bottle with liquid soap while doing quality control. On desk bottles and laptop. In background his assistant pouring soap in bottles.

Fostering Curiosity and an Open Mind

Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy focuses on the importance of treating all members of our global community with fairness and respect. Our D&I team has developed global campaigns and resources that build awareness and celebrate the unique perspectives and experiences that our colleagues bring to the organization. They also help the company navigate critical topics, such as recent efforts to create discussion guides and other resources for colleagues to learn more about racial inequality. Additionally, the strategy focuses on transformational and inclusive leadership that fosters open conversation and open minds.

Our Employees Changing the World

We encourages and supports community volunteerism by our teams. Through activism and education, we help foster vibrant communities. Learn more about our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment

Employee Volunteerism

We support employees as they serve their communities.

Stem Education

We introduce children of all ages to science   and technical careers.

Local Mentorship Programs

We help students achieve their true potential.


Strengthening Communities

We have a long supported organizations focused on uplifting communities by improving education, working to eliminate food insecurity, enhancing access to healthcare, and supporting career and life skills development.


We Are Raphe Women

We hold global and site level initiatives featuring topics designed to inform, inspire, and grow our female talent.

We understands that a healthy company means investing in its diverse talent. Half of our global workforce are women, an area which leadership is passionate about developing.

We offers extensive development opportunities through organized events, our GROW University, and International Women’s Day brought together women and men from across the globe and received resounding positive feedback.


We Are Raphe Men

At Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories, diversity includes everyone, and our men are no exception. As a self-care company, we recognize the needs of men by offering extensive development opportunities through our GROW University. We also promote mental wellness in support of suicide prevention and awareness of men's health issues, such as working to reduce instances of prostate and testicular cancer.