Our Health, Wellness and Strength

We believe in total wellbeing of Spirit-Soul-Body harmony . We focus on environment that promotes these values in our employees’ and all human kinds, protects them on the job, encourages optimal physical and mental health through Yoga, mind and body exercise and relaxation techniques, with optimum nutrition and self care.


Promoting Employee Health and Wellness

Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories is pleased to offer all colleagues and their household members well-being programs including mindfulness training, life coaching, free counseling services, legal & financial guidance and referrals, education resources and more.


Employee Talent Management, Diversity and Inclusion

We understand that in maintaining an innovative and highly-skilled workforce, we also must be strongly committed to valuing diversity and fostering inclusion.

Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories has several recognized global programs regarding talent management and diversity including fostering female leadership, and Pro Patria, our award-winning veteran’s program, developed and led by veteran employees.

Our Employees Changing the World

We encourages and supports community volunteerism by our teams. Through activism and education, we help foster vibrant communities. Learn more about our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment

Employee Volunteerism

We support employees as they serve their communities.

Stem Education

We introduce children of all ages to science   and technical careers.

Local Mentorship Programs

We help students achieve their true potential.


Doing the Right Things Every Day

We strives for success, but not at the expense of our values. Guided by our Code of Conduct, our focus on compliance and conducting business with integrity underpins everything we do.

We are concerned not only with results, but with how those results are achieved.


Occupational Health and Safety

Protecting our people on the job is imperative. From our aggressive safety goals, to our behavior-based PASS observations program, our programs are some of the most robust and transparent in the industry.

See How Our Ethical Practices Create Great Products

We're about delivering results to all our partners, and great, affordable self-care products to the community. See how our dedication creates the world's best medicine.