Chemist holding and looking at bottle with liquid soap while doing quality control. On desk bottles and laptop. In background his assistant pouring soap in bottles.

Modified Release Non-Prescriptions topicals

Quality control testing is conducted on each batch of Modified release tablets with enteric coating for acidic pills manufactured by Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratories in Dallas Texas. Prior to market distribution, each tablet batch is tested for friability, hardness, disintegration, dissolution, melting point, and moisture content.

Distributors may use the ERP QMS software to print product records and monitor production using the view-only module. Raphe addresses the critical needs of older and younger patient populations through the development and manufacturing of a portfolio of Generic prescriptions, Topical Treatment products, Oral Solid Dosage Forms, and Oral Liquid Dosage Forms.

They manufacture high-quality non-prescription pharmaceutical products that are distributed to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and retail locations.

Raphe Pharmaceuticals improves product efficiency on treatments in order to meet the demands of the healthcare system, improve patient outcomes, and cut down on wasteful spending. They accomplish this by developing products with unique properties that address patient issues.

Raphe illustrates the advantages of every treatment drug through clinical trials. This technique enables them to develop a strong brand reputation with patients, physicians, and retailers. They establish distinct identities for each of their brands, which are used to target the correct audience. They have been able to establish strong brands for physicians and healthcare corporations that provide novel products for customized care.

Raphe produces a variety of dermatological products to treat acne, pigmentations, and hair loss. All of the clinical therapeutics manufactured by Raphe for healthcare companies come with a 100% non-disclosure agreement to protect their buyers’ investments from third parties. For more information, please contact one of their public retaliation managers.

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