Acne Prone Skin

Our professional grade formulations are modified release oral and topical acne skincare. Dosage forms are becoming increasingly important, either to achieve the desired level of therapeutic activity required or to extend the life cycle of an existing one.

This technology is applied to our pharmaceutical formulations which, by providing modulated absorption may reduce oral administration of a medicament to only one or two daily. This explains why modified release oral specialties are strongly recommended in all cases where patients are obliged, for the short half-life of a drug, to ingest several doses daily.

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Eflornithine Vs Spironolactone Creams

Eflornithine prescription cream specifically for excessive facial hair in women, may help as much as Spironolactone in controlling androgen induced facial hair. It's applied directly to the affected area of your face twice a day. It helps slow new hair growth but doesn't get rid of existing hair. It can be used with laser therapy to enhance the response. Must be a healthcare provider with valid professional license to private label this product.