Selenium Sulfide Hair Loss Shampoo with 3% Minoxidil

Sulfate-free hair nourishing anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss shampoo. Selenium sulfide is a chemical compound that is often used in shampoo and other hair products. It has a number of benefits for the hair, including reducing dandruff, preventing hair loss, and making the hair smoother and shinier.


Full Ingredients:  Purified Water, Cocoamido-Propyl Betaine, Silicone, Rosemary leaf extract, green tea extract, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Lavender Flower Extract, Salicylic acid, Selenium sulfide, Horsetail Extract, Menthol, Minoxidil, Citric acid, Sodium chloride, Propyl Paraben, Sorbic Acid, Selenium Sulfide. (sulfate free)


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