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Raphe Pharmaceuticals OTC brands in Africa.

Raphe Pharmaceuticals creates and manufactures a variety of high-quality topical and liquid therapies to address patients’ critical needs. Non-prescription pharmaceuticals of comparable quality are sold to hospitals, nursing homes, and retail stores throughout the world.

Their dermatological products, which are custom manufactured and sold either under the company`s brands or a private label, are utilized to treat acne, skin discolorations, and hair loss.

Raphe Pharmaceuticals, a prominent global provider of quality, inexpensive self-care products,announced today that it would acquire three Eastern European OTC skincare and hair loss treatment brands. Other than the acquisition price, no other terms were disclosed.

We’re looking for bolt-on assets that support our five growth pillars in our self-care transformation to strengthen our international self-care portfolio.

CSCI’s self-care sales are expanding quickly across Europe, and now is the moment to get more aggressive. CSCI has lowered its adjusted operating margin from 2014 to 2017 by divesting businesses that did not adhere to our strategy, rationalizing more than two-thirds of our SKUs, including marginally profitable goods, and bringing more manufacturing in-house. Now it’s time topurchase self-care companies that fit into our product line and expand in certain countries.

Raphe’s CSCI growth plans are supported by the addition of these market-leading OTC brands, which expands our already sizeable Eastern Europe skincare business.

AmWiner & Raphe Holdings, a subsidiary of Raphe Pharmaceutique Laboratoires, seeks to address the healthcare system’s needs by increasing product efficiency on treatments to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs.

Through clinical trials, they deliver products with unique properties to solve patients’ problems and demonstrate the benefits of treatments to increase the value of their custom-manufactured brands. This method allows them to build a strong brand reputation with patients, doctors, and retailers.

Each of their private labels has its own identity, matching the relevant target group. We provide novel products for personalized care. They have created strong brands for physicians and healthcare companies, in addition to being successful.

Through the development and manufacture of high-quality topical and liquid products, Raphe Pharmaceuticals addresses critical patient needs. Other high-quality non-prescription pharmaceutical products are distributed to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and retail outlets worldwide.

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