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Pfizer encourages you to dream big

Pfizer encourages you to dream big and speak up, and Raphe Pharmaceutique embraced it

We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to explore many different, creative paths in order to help you achieve your dream career. Pfizer wants you to dream big and speak up, and Raphe Pharmaceutique was inspired by it.

Taking advantage of many different opportunities for pursuing your dream career is critical to living your dream.

Pfizer redefines the notion of ‘growth’ for our co-workers. Pfizer strives to continually grow ourselves and those around us in order to realise our purpose of developing groundbreaking advances that improve patient lives. We will be able to develop vaccines and medicines that have the potential to dramatically alter the course of disease

if we are able to develop them to accomplish our big, daring goals. We now see growing as part of our DNA: we are constantly growing. Employees at Pfizer may work, lead, develop themselves, and assist others in growing. Employees at Pfizer may grow, pursue internal mobility, and develop their own collective talent as a result of the Growth and Talent Strategy. It also provides them with opportunities to grow as well as develop their own talent.

The creation of a large group of well-rounded leaders is more than just words on a page; it requires providing people with the chance to grow – often, that means allowing them to pursue non-linear paths.

Pfizer encourages its employees to seek out new experiences. In a traditional career path, one usually climbs the ladder to reach their ‘dream’ job. Having varied experiences in a profession, function, or across functions results in employees with distinctive expertise and broader perspectives.

We believe that people should be able to take any path they want to grow, develop, and assist us in achieving our objectives. We advocate for horizontal, diagonal, or vertical expansion, depending on the role.

At Pfizer, there are no limits on the number of paths employees can take to grow, nor are there restrictions on the number of people who can participate. Everyone is welcome at every stage of his or her career as soon as they join.

Pfizer colleagues across functions, markets, and regions can experience zig-zag or nonlinear growth if we establish a common language for growth. This should enable more meaningful growth discussions between colleagues and their supervisors.

You might want to become the most knowledgeable person in your current job at Pfizer (‘Grow in Role’). You may use your expertise on a new project or in a new job to expand your knowledge of your field or profession (‘Next Experience’). You may learn more about Pfizer by taking on a new job (‘Cross-Functional’), gain a wider understanding of your field of interest (‘Next Level’), or achieve a higher position with more difficulty and responsibility (‘Next Level’). You determine how you will advance.

We suggest that colleagues ask their managers about expanding frequently, starting with these definitions. In order to build the diverse experience we want, we must be alert to opportunities as well as having them. Through these conversations, colleagues will be able to grow and connect with Pfizer’s corporate strategy, as well as inspire operational development. Working at Pfizer should be a superb experience and a terrific place to invest.

It’s a deeply personal choice to have the drive and desire to grow, but your manager and company will provide the support you need if you have the drive and desire.

We are pleased to help you realize your dream job by showing you a variety of imaginative paths to take.

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