Nighttime Cooling ProVapor Mint Cold Flu Cough Decongestant for Private Label 12oz

The oral liquid dosages in the market are made with Acetaminophen which does not address the inflammation of the sinuses. Alleviating intra-sinus inflammation is a key factor in quick recovery from cold and flu. Ibuprofen as a traditional NSAID decreases the synthesis of pain- and inflammation while Acetaminophen, a non-NSAID analgesic, exert its effects inhibition and activation of central serotonergic pathways. Working together, the two active ingredients provide 8 hours of tough pain relief, superior to ibuprofen 250 mg and acetaminophen 650 mg. Our COLD FLU syrup fights pain using two approaches to maximize efficacy while requiring lower daily doses of each medicine.

The Nighttime treatment syrup contains- Ibuprofen 250mg, Acetaminophen 500mg, Phenylephrine 10mg, Dextromethorphan 20mg, and Doxylamine succinate 12.5mg.

Whereas in the daytime syrup, we substitute Guaifenesin 400mg instead of Doxylamine succinate for the daytime syrup. This provides faster relief from cold flu symptoms, and patients can return to work and improve their health faster.



Available in cherry flavor, orange, honey, caramel, hazelnuts, mint, regular strength, night, and day formulations.

More than 80% of Americans are affected by the cold flu virus yearly, and the majority of patients rely on OTC cold flu syrup. Our cold flu over-the-counter medications are formulated to give patients relief by alleviating the inflammation of the bronchial cavity, nostrils, and sinuses, which is absent from the current products on the market.

Our stability studies use stress studies in method development and validation of the stability-indicating assay. These stability-indicating assays provide a Beyond Use Date for compounded materials under USP <795> and <797>, along with other chemical and microbiological tests. You will get a full report before commercial distribution.

Unit Price: Less than $2.40 each



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